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We absolutely love living in Palmas Del Mar and it’s our mission to share with the world how incredible life in Palmas Del Mar truly is.

After living here for many years, we realized there wasn’t a central hub for Palmas, there was no well-organized resource where you can get real-time updates on what is happening in terms of events, kid’s activities, things to do, new restaurants to visit, best outdoor activities, real estate updates, and much more.

So we’ve decided to create that resources, to be as helpful as we can be to visitors and residents of Palmas. It’s our mission to provide the most helpful and complete info about living in or visiting Palmas Del Mar.

If you are looking for things to do, the latest updates, places to stay in terms of short-term rental or hotels, or even if you are interested in buying your dream home in Palmas Del Mar, we got you covered.

We cover events, restaurants, schools, neighborhoods, the best activities, the cost of living, places to visit and so much more.

We live here ourselves and we love Palmas Del Mar. We want to share that love & excitement via this ‘Enjoy Palmas Delmar’ website.